Go Industries Inc. Shares The Importance Of Dually Truck Mud Flaps For Protecting Dual Rear Wheel Trucks

Richardson, TX-based automotive accessory manufacturer, Go Industries Inc., is manufacturing high-quality mud flap kits designed to protect trucks as well as the vehicles behind them.

Mandated by most states, mud flaps for trucks deflect debris from the rear tires to protect the vehicle they are installed in along with everyone else on the road. Regardless of whether one is driving a work truck, city truck, or off-roader, mud flaps play a crucial role in protecting the truck by deflecting debris away from the fender wells. While a truck’s fender wells are resilient to some degree of debris and damage, it is recommended, and in some cases legally required, to not leave them unprotected without mud flaps.

Go Industries Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality parts for all kinds of vehicles for over 45 years now. All its products are made wholly in the USA and are backed by the Go Industries warranty. The company boasts state-of-the-art facilities that utilize computer-controlled manufacturing equipment and robotic welding machines to create truck accessories for civilian as well as law enforcement vehicles. Its truck accessories include front-end items such as grille guards, winch application systems, and bumper replacements, back-end items such as airflow tailgates, and headache racks, as well as mud flaps and steps.

Go Industries Inc. Is Offering High Quality Mud Flaps For Dually Trucks

“No dually trucks should be without mud flaps to protect against paint damage and flying debris kicked up by the four rear tires of the truck,” says the spokesperson for Go Industries Inc. “Moreover, the mud flaps should be tough, durable, and worthy to bear the wear and tear that they will undoubtedly encounter in the field. That’s where Go Industries Inc. comes in. Since 1978, we have been on the pulse of the truck accessories market providing long-lasting, durable, and handsome add-ons for truck owners. Our mud flaps are no exception. With quality second to none, the Go Industries Truck Mud Flaps are built tough and built to last.”

Mud flaps protect a truck by deflecting debris away from the fender wells. While a truck’s fender wells are designed to contain paint-damaging things like mud, tar, and small rocks, they can’t do it all. Fender wells do not reach down to the tires and leave a substantial area unprotected allowing tires to flip mud, rocks, salt, and more out violently toward the paint as well as other drivers behind the truck. Installing the right mud flaps can, then, help save money and time by keeping the truck cleaner and better protected from anything that can get swept up in the tire treads.

“Mudflap kits are essential for any truck on the road,” says the spokesperson. “Mandatory by most states, our flaps deflect debris from the rear tires ensuring that your truck stays protected as well as vehicles that are behind you. Made out of non-recycled rubber, the flaps measure 19” x 24” for all dual-wheel trucks and 12” x 24” for single-wheel. Stainless and Diamond Tread accessories are available for all flaps.”