Please refer to out WARRANTY POLICY STATEMENT for full policy. Otherwise, please read selected information about Return Policy below. 

The warranty is conditioned upon the return of the product to the original place of purchase or to Go Industries, at the expense of the consumer, together with the original proof of purchase from the end user and not a reprinted copy from the retailer. 

If you purchased your product online, the product must be returned to the online reseller or to Go Industries at the expense of the consumer.  To return to Go Industries, call Customer Service at (800) 527-4345 and a Return Authorization Number will be issued for return and inspection. 

Product must be properly boxed to prevent damage to the product during shipment.  If it is determined that the product returned was defective because of defects in manufacturing or workmanship, Go Industries will repair or replace the product and return the product at no additional expense to the consumer.  If the defect was not due to a defect in manufacturing or workmanship, the product will be returned to the customer if consumer pays transportation expenses.  If not, the product will be held for a period of thirty (30) days for the consumer to make arrangements to pick-up the product. 

After that time, it will be disposed of by Go Industries.

Credits that are issued will be in the form of a merchandise credit only. All special-order items such as Brackets, Bracket kits, custom powder coated or manufactured parts are non-returnable.

To return product for warranty issues, call Customer Service at (800) 527-4345 for a Return Authorization Number.  A Return Authorization Number will be issued for return and inspection.  Product must be properly boxed to prevent damage to the product during shipment.  A return does not guarantee a credit will be issued.   Warranty claims cannot be determined until the returned product is inspected.  If the product is found to be abused, altered, or used contrary to what the part was intended, the warranty claim will be denied.  Freight damage product is not covered under the warranty policy.  Dents, scratches, and bends are freight damage issues and should be treated as such!  Product returned as defective and are found to be in saleable condition are subject to a restock and re-box fee.  All credits issued are merchandise credits only.  Return Authorization Numbers are void after 30 days. Returns over $6000.00 will be credited over 30/60 day period.   

It is very important to note any possible shortage or damage on the freight bill at the time of delivery before you sign for the shipment.  Any problems must be reported to Go Industries within 72 hours of receipt of the shipment.  Claims for all freight lines, UPS and FEDEX must be filed within 15 days of shipment.  UPS and FEDEX claims must be filed by Go Industries (the shipper).  Claims for all freight lines can be filed by Go Industries as a service for our customers if the shortage or damage has been noted on the freight bill.  If not, Go Industries cannot file the claim.  All claims with concealed or hidden shortage or damage must be filed by the customer.  Go Industries will assist with any claim to insure you receive quality service from the freight carriers.

Go Industries’ distributors will be allowed a one (1) stock adjustment per calendar year not to exceed 2% of the previous year’s net purchases with an offset order of twice the value of the stock adjustment.  A 15% handling fee will be assessed to all stock adjustment returns.  The product must be in the original box and in good condition.  Product packing in poor condition may be subject to an additional re-box fee.  Cash refunds are not allowed.  A merchandise credit memo will be issued.  Deductions for payments before receipt of a credit memo are not allowed.  Damaged or discontinued parts cannot be returned for credit on stock adjustments.  All stock adjustment returns must be returned freight prepaid. Returns over $6000.00 will be credited over a 30/60 day period. Merchandise older than three years from date of purchase from the manufacturer, discontinued or parts that have been updated from the original version cannot be returned.

All new product returns, other than authorized stock adjustments, for whatever the reason and not the fault of Go Industries, will be assessed a 25% handling fee.  Product must be in the original box and in good condition.  All product returns require a Return Good Authorization Number that must be clearly marked on the outside of the box. Items that are received without an RGA # will be refused.  Product packaging in poor condition may be subject to an additional re-box fee. Powder Coated product(s) that are returned as new product but need to be re-coated due to scratches, scraps, etc. are subject to a $40.00 Powder Coating fee.  Any UA Coated product that is returned as new but needs to be recoated due to freight damage are subject to a minimum $60.00 re-coating fee up to $150.00 depending product.

Return Form:

Please allow up to 72 hours for a respond. If you have purchased Go Industries product/s through a distributor, Amazon or other company, please proceed returns through them.