Dually & Single Wheel Mud Flap Sets/Accessories

Go Industries Mud Flap kits are essential for any truck on the road. Mandatory by most states, our flaps deflect debris from the rear tires insuring that your truck stays protected as well as vehicles that are behind you. Made out of non-recycled rubber, the flaps measure 19” x 24” for all dual wheel trucks and 12” x 24” for single wheel. Stainless and Diamond Tread accessories are available for all flaps.

Whether you have a work truck, a city truck or an off-roader,  mud flaps can protect your truck by deflecting debris away from the fender wells. Your tires are constantly contacting all kinds of potentially paint-damaging things like mud, tar and small rocks. While your truck’s fender wells are designed to contain stuff like this, they can’t do it all and that is where mud flaps come in. Fender walls do not reach down to the tires and leave a substantial area unprotected allowing your tires free to flip mud, rocks, salt and more out violently toward your paint as well as other drivers behind you. A work truck entering the road from a construction site can easily pick up small rocks in the tire treads and then flip them out at highway speed resulting in dings and dents to your truck or other vehicles. Installing the right mud flaps can save you money and time by keeping your truck cleaner and better protected from rocks, tar, salt, mud and anything else that can get swept up in your tire treads and thrown out toward an unsuspecting paint job.