Go Industries Inc. Enhances Truck Safety

Go Industries Inc., a well-known company based in Richardson, Texas, with a stellar reputation for offering top-notch automotive accessories, emphasizes that high-quality mud flaps for trucks are not only a convenience but a necessity.

Since its inception in 1978, Go Industries has been steadfast in its commitment to their diverse client base, providing a variety of services and products for trucks, law enforcement and custom manufacturing. In conjunction with these services, the company also extends comprehensive resources such as product catalogs, user manuals, thorough warranty information, and helpful video guides.

Dually Accessory Manufacturer Offers Stainless Steel Mud Flaps For CMC, Ford & Dodge Trucks from UBC News on Vimeo.

Go Industries’ dually mud flaps can be installed with basic tools and some mechanical knowledge. The installation process is simple and can be completed in under an hour.

The new dually mud flap sets are made from non-recycled rubber, and each flap measures 19” x 24”. According to Go Industries Inc, installing the right mud flaps can save truck drivers money and time by reducing the need for frequent cleanings and potential maintenance costs.

“A truck’s mud flaps are key protective gear, significantly shielding the truck and other road users from unexpected damage caused by road debris,” as noted by Go Industries Inc.’s spokesperson. This includes dually truck mud flaps that they offer, crafted specifically to fit all dual wheel and single wheel trucks.

The product range of Go Industries now welcomes the addition of exemplary dually truck mud flaps. These specifically cater to dually trucks, which feature dual rear wheels on each side, and thus require larger, stronger mud flaps compared to standard trucks. Go Industries craft these specially designed mudflaps for trucks with non-recycled rubber, accommodating both dual and single-wheel trucks, and enhancing their long-lasting durability.

A representative from Go Industries discussing their mudflaps for trucks noted, “Dually truck owners, and truck owners in general, appreciate the need for robust mud flaps. Our mud flaps deliver exceptional protection against mud, sand, rocks, salt, and other debris, withstanding the most severe conditions. They also help trucks remain compliant with state laws.”

Go Industries Inc. continues to appeal to its customers with a wide array of high-quality truck accessories, enhancements for law enforcement vehicles, and custom manufacturing services. Their focus includes mud flaps for trucks, covering Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC vehicles. The company’s commitment to quality and functionality ensures customers receive superior automotive accessories that meet their robust transportation needs. Whether a customer needs truck mud flaps or custom-made vehicle accessories, Go Industries Inc. remains a reliable source. To learn more about Go Industries Inc. and their assortment of quality products and services, visit their official website or reach out to their customer support team. Go Industries Inc. is dedicated to customer satisfaction, with a promise of excellent quality that meets the rigorous demands placed by truck drivers and law enforcement officials nationwide.