Go Industries Inc Truck Mud Flaps and More

Go Industries Inc, a company based in Richardson, TX, that manufactures truck accessories, is pleased to announce they are offering mud flaps for trucks, including for dually trucks. The purpose of these mud flaps is to protect the truck’s paint and also other drivers from spraying mud, debris, salt, sand, rocks, and more. At best, the mud, rocks, and other debris will cause the truck to become a dirty mess that needs to washed. At worst, the mud, rocks, and debris will damage the truck’s paint. Such mud flaps are also available for dually trucks, such as Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and CMC from Go Industries. Their new dually mud flap options include diamond treads, mounting brackets, stainless steel accents, and anti-sail brackets.

Meanwhile, a dually or a dual rear-wheel truck (DRW) is a heavy duty pickup truck that has two rear wheels on each side. Such a truck provides the advantage of having a larger contact with the road to ensure better traction, stability, and balance. Dually wide body trucks have large rear fenders for housing the dual rear wheels. These big dual wheels need to have mud flaps that are tough durable, and capable of withstanding the impact of mud, debris, stones, and more.

Why You Need Dually Mud Flaps

As Go Industries explains, dually trucks possess large fender flares to house their dual rear wheels which provide enhanced road contact, traction, and stability. Commonly used to haul substantial loads by builders, material suppliers, and farmers, these vehicles require durable mud flaps designed to withstand long journeys and harsh road conditions.

Diamond Plate Mud Flaps: The Rock Guard Kings

For additional strength and protection, you can choose Go Industries’ Diamond Tread Dually Set with stiffeners and weights that stop wind lift. Constructed from heavy-duty rubber covered by textured aluminum plating, this option is particularly effective for muddy, rocky, snowy, and wet road conditions and provides a stylish aesthetic.

Stylish Stainless-Steel Splash Guards

Alternatively, you can opt for the store’s stainless-steel accents to shield your splash guards from wear and tear damage and extend their lifespan. The polished corrosion and rust-resistant material offers the additional advantage of being easy to clean.

To place an order, you can submit the year, make, and model of your truck together with your package option via the website. Other accessories include Zinced anti-sails to prevent dually flap movement while driving at high speeds.