Go Industries Rugged Dually Truck Mud Flaps Can Be Installed By Truck Owners

Go Industries offers dually truck drivers across America durable, handsome and reasonably priced mud flaps for dually trucks. The combination of rugged durability and low price has attracted customers from all across the USA to Go Industries for their dually truck mud flap needs.

“Dually” or dual rear wheel trucks have two wheels on each side in the back which allow them to have greater stability, traction and balance, but they require specially designed mud flaps to protect against paint damage and flying debris kicked up by the four rear tires of the truck. Go Industries solves this issue for dually owners with their handsome mud flaps with optional stainless steel accents, diamond treads, mounting brackets, and anti-sail brackets designed specifically for DRW (dual read wheel) trucks.

Go Industries says that mud flap kits are essential accessories any truck on the road and that they are mandated by law for trucks in most states. Go Industries strives to offer mud flaps are ideal for the unique needs of dually trucks to deflect debris from the rear tires insuring that dually trucks stay protected while protecting other vehicles on the road. Their mud flaps for dually trucks are made out of non-recycled rubber and measure 19” x 24” for all dual wheel trucks. They also offer 12” x 24” mud flaps for single wheel trucks. Stainless and Diamond Tread accessories are available for all Go Industries mud flap models.