Medium Duty Grille Guards Chevy C6500 c4500 Ford F650 F750 International CV 515

Go Industries Inc. is proud to announce the release of its Medium Duty Grille Guards, a unique product specifically designed for Chevrolet C4500 and C6500 trucks. Go Industries, with over 40 years of experience, caters to a varied range of sectors, including truck accessories, law enforcement equipment, and custom manufacturing needs.

Founded in 1978, Go Industries has solidified its standing in providing top-quality truck accessories, including comprehensive protection for the front and back of trucks. A notable product in their wide array of offerings is the Chevy C4500 winch grille guard. This device was meticulously designed to fit a tilt body, thereby allowing easy access to the hood of the truck.

A spokesperson for Go Industries mentions, “The quality craftsmanship of our Medium Duty Grille Guards ensures that no cutting or drilling is required. These have been designed with a secure mount in mind, enabled by an OEM-style two latch locking mechanism, complete with safety pins.”

In addition to this, the Medium Duty Grille Guards are full-size units including a winch tray, capable of accommodating up to a 16.5k winch and compatible with most brands. This further amplifies the usefulness of the Chevy C4500 winch grille guard. To increase headlight protection, the company offers Brush Guards, made of 1.9″, 14 gauge tubing and 2.5″ center cross tubes. The center screen is laser cut from 18-gauge material, ensuring a top-notch quality that withstands the elements. Customers can appreciate the value of domestic production, as the products feature a black textured powder coat finish and proudly bear the tag of “Made in the U.S.A.”

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