Truck Mud Flaps From Go Industries Inc

Texas truckers in search of quality wheel mud flap sets and accessories may be happy to hear about Go Industries, Inc. and their wide array of truck related products. Based in Richardson, the company supplies high quality mud flap sets for dually trucks at highly competitive prices.

Any truck on the road requires mud flaps, and in many states it is against the law to drive a truck without map flaps. Go Industries Inc supplies truck mud flaps that are made of non-recycled rubber, and the company has mud flaps for both all dual wheel trucks and single wheel trucks. Additionally, the company has stainless and diamond tread accessories for all types of flaps.

“Whether you have a work truck, a city truck or an off-roader, mud flaps can protect your truck by deflecting debris away from the fender wells,” says Go Industries Inc. “Your tires are constantly contacting all kinds of potentially paint-damaging things like mud, tar and small rocks. While your truck’s fender wells are designed to contain stuff like this, they can’t do it all, and that is where mud flaps come in. Fender walls do not reach down to the tires, leaving a substantial area unprotected, in turn allowing your tires free to flip mud, rocks, salt and more out violently toward your paint as well as other drivers behind you.”

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Founded by Mr. R.J. Orth over four decades ago, Go Industries specializes in manufacturing and distributing truck accessories, with its headquarters located in Richardson, Texas.

All its products are manufactured using state-of-the-art facilities equipped with computer-controlled manufacturing equipment and robotic welding machines. The company also offers custom manufacturing services for vehicle accessories.

The spokesperson for the company said: “Since 1978, Go Industries has been on the pulse of the truck accessories market, providing long-lasting, durable and handsome add-ons for truck owners. Our mud flaps are no exception.”

With a set of Go Industries‘ dually mud flaps, you can drive your truck with confidence, knowing that it is protected from the elements and looking its best.