Best Truck Mud Flaps for GMC Ford Chevy Dodge Ram

Best Truck Mud Flaps for GMC Ford Chevy Dodge Ram


Installing mud flaps can help truck owners protect their truck’s paint and other drivers on the road from spraying mud, rocks, debris, and other hazards. Go Industries’ new dually mud flap options include stainless steel accents, diamond treads, mounting brackets, and anti-sail brackets.

Installing the proper size of mud flaps can help save money and time by protecting the truck from small rocks, mud, and other things that may damage the paint, requiring a costly paint job. Truck tires are always in contact with all types of potentially paint-damaging items such as mud, small rocks, tar, and various kinds of debris. The fender wells have been designed to deflect these things but they are not able to prevent everything from reaching the paint of the truck. This is because the fender wells do not reach down to the tires, thus leaving a big area that is unprotected, allowing the tires to flip mud, stones, debris, and other things with strong impact on the paint of the truck and also the vehicles that are behind. This is particularly dangerous when the dually truck passes an area where there are a lot of small rocks, such as a construction site. The small rocks can hit the paint with such a strong force that they may cause dings and dents to the truck and other vehicles that happen to be behind the truck.  The recently announced dually truck mud flaps are made out of non-recycled rubber and measure 19 inches by 24 inches to accommodate all dual-wheel trucks. Customers can select mud flaps that fit their truck’s specifications, with choices such as 2500/3500, 2500HD/3500, Ram, and Super Duty available on the online store.

Best Truck Mud Flaps


The company offers a Classic Dually Set that includes mud flaps, mounting brackets, and anti-sail brackets. Customers can also choose the Stainless Steel Dually Set with mud flaps made from high-quality stainless steel that provides resistance to corrosion.

For customers who want to upgrade their truck’s performance in challenging weather conditions, Go Industries offers a Diamond Tread Dually Set. The set includes mud flaps with a diamond tread pattern that provides increased traction in wet or muddy conditions.