Truck Mud Flaps by Go Industries for Ford Super Duty Dodge Ram Chevrolet Chevy GMC 2500HD 3500

GO INDUSTRIES Dually Truck Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps for your Dually Truck are a necessity if you want to keep your truck clean. Go Industries has the tough, durable and handsome mud flaps for your truck.  At Go Industries we have been building top quality, ultra TOUGH truck accessories since 1978.  We know what truck owners want and need.

Keep the mess kicked up by your tires under control and protect your pride and joy’s paintwork with the most durable, reasonably priced mud flaps around!

From mud to rocks, salt, tar, and other road grime, Go Industries’ dually mudguards are built to handle anything the road throws at them. And, they look pretty great too!

Go Industries offers mud flaps to install at home for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and all other dually truck models. Required by law in most states, the accessories prevent mud and other debris from damaging vulnerable parts of your truck or other vehicles on the road.

Measuring 19” x 24”, the store’s universal mudguard sets are designed to precisely match the fenders of work, city, and off-road DRW trucks. You can get all the mounting hardware and brackets you need when you order too!

Why You Need Dually Mud Flaps

As Go Industries explains, dually trucks possess large fender flares to house their dual rear wheels which provide enhanced road contact, traction, and stability. Commonly used to haul substantial loads by builders, material suppliers, and farmers, these vehicles require durable mud flaps designed to withstand long journeys and harsh road conditions.

Diamond Plate Mud Flaps: The Rock Guard Kings

For additional strength and protection, you can choose Go Industries’ Diamond Tread Dually Set with stiffeners and weights that stop wind lift. Constructed from heavy-duty rubber covered by textured aluminum plating, this option is particularly effective for muddy, rocky, snowy, and wet road conditions and provides a stylish aesthetic.

A satisfied customer said: “These mud flaps are easily installed and everything you need is included in the package. They look great on my 3500 Ram and keep the debris off the front of my camper.” – read more