Dually Truck Mud Guards for Enhanced Protection and Road Safety

Dually Truck Mud Guards for Enhanced Protection and Road Safety


Go Industries Inc., a front-runner in truck accessory production, has recently unveiled an enlarged selection of the best truck mudflaps, aiming to provide unparalleled protection for all truck varieties. Understanding the pivotal role mudguards fulfill in safeguarding a vehicle’s integrity, Go Industries draws upon its deep-seated expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to craft mudguards for trucks that outshine competitors in terms of both durability and efficacy. For a closer look at our extensive range of truck accessories and services, visit their website.

Mudflaps or mudguards play a multifaceted role beyond just maintaining a truck’s cleanliness; they are instrumental in shielding the vehicle from damages inflicted by airborne debris, diminishing road and highway wear, and bolstering fuel efficiency by reducing wind drag. Go Industries’ dedication to excellence and innovation has culminated in the creation of mudguards that adeptly address these concerns, thereby enabling truck proprietors to attain significant practical advantages while adhering to safety regulations. >more

Go Industries Inc., based in Richardson, Texas, has recently spotlighted the significance of mud flaps for dually trucks, emphasizing their role in enhancing vehicle protection and road safety. Since its establishment in 1978, Go Industries has been a significant player in the automotive accessory domain, crafting an extensive line of mud flaps for dually truck designed to safeguard dual rear wheel trucks from the damage caused by road debris. These mud flaps, compatible with a variety of truck brands including GMC, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford, are made available with prices ranging from $37.41 to $209. By leveraging over 40 years of manufacturing expertise and ensuring all products are made in the USA complemented with the Go Industries warranty, the company solidifies its position as a premier provider of dually mud flaps.

The introduction of mud flaps for dually trucks is critical for maintaining the vehicle’s lifespan, especially considering dually trucks are at a higher risk of damage from road debris due to their expanded stance. These mud flaps work by diverting mud, rocks, sand, and salt away from the vehicle and other drivers, acting as a defensive mechanism against early wear and tear. Notably, most states mandate the installation of mud flaps on dually trucks, making them an essential accessory for compliance and protection. By offering a strong assortment of mud flaps for duallys that blend efficacy with aesthetic value, Go Industries meets this demand head-on.

A Go Industries spokesperson expressed, “At Go Industries, we’re dedicated to offering products that surpass customer expectations in terms of quality and performance. Our collection of mud flaps for dually truck is crafted to offer unparalleled protection, ensuring the safety of both the trucks and surrounding motorists from harmful road debris. We pride ourselves on our variety of designs and fits tailored to a broad spectrum of dually truck models, highlighting our dedication to versatility and customer satisfaction.”

Beyond mud flaps, Go Industries Inc. boasts a vast array of truck accessories and law enforcement equipment, featuring front and back end truck protection through grille guards, bumper replacements, airflow tailgates, headache racks, and steps. Additionally, the company excels in providing custom manufacturing services, allowing clients to have products designed and produced to meet their unique requirements. For more details, visit their website.



“As we navigate changing customer needs and market dynamics, Go Industries is committed to innovation and enhancing our product offerings. Protecting dually trucks, their drivers, and other road users is pivotal to our mission, and our mud flaps for dually truck reflect this dedication,” the Go Industries spokesperson further stated. “We urge truck owners to consider outfitting their vehicles with mud flaps, not just to adhere to legal requirements but to actively contribute to creating safer driving conditions for all.”