The Best Heavy Duty Headache Rack for Trucks

The Best Heavy Duty Headache Rack for Trucks


Go Industries, a veteran in the provision of truck accessories, law enforcement gear, and bespoke manufacturing solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its comprehensive lineup of truck accessories. The company is proud to introduce a new heavy-duty headache rack, crafted to bolster both the protection and functionality of trucks. Made domestically to fit all full-size pickups, this headache rack has been meticulously designed for both durability and straightforward usability, requiring no cutting or drilling for installation. It also accommodates trucks with a tilt body by allowing the rack to pivot forward, facilitating easy access to the engine compartment.

Crafted from sturdy materials, the headache rack features a robust 6″ x 2″ steel top tube, supported by 2″ x 2″ bottom and vertical tubes, and is stabilized by a substantial 24″ x 3″ base for enhanced structural integrity. It includes large 3/16″ louvers, offering significant protection for the cab’s rear window. Customers can choose between white or black powder coat finishes, ensuring a match for their vehicle’s aesthetic. The inclusion of integrated LED red and clear lights, with an optional third brake light, augments both visibility and safety. Go Industries also provides strong assurance of quality through a three-year warranty covering materials and craftsmanship, in addition to a six-month finish warranty.

Go Industries states that it can now produce headache racks to fit almost any year, model, or make of truck, including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and Toyota. The full line of truck accessories are available for purchase through the company’s web store.

“Our latest headache racks are constructed for durability and extra heavy-duty use,” a company representative explained. “We now have almost 90,000 sq ft of fabrication space and state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment, and all our products come with our industry-leading warranties.”

The origin of the term ‘headache rack’ is not entirely clear, with most sources suggesting that it stems from the prevention of tools/equipment flying through the rear window of a cab, while others state that the cross-bars can cause a headache when a person in the rear of the truck stands up too quickly. Some people now refer to these items as cab racks, although this term is more commonly used for big rig trucks.

This new offering reflects Go Industries’ ongoing dedication to addressing the diverse needs of truck owners who prioritize both the enhancement of their vehicle’s functionality and its protection. The headache rack is currently available for purchase directly through the Go Industries website, allowing customers to tailor their selection based on the year, make, model, and color of their truck, guaranteeing an impeccable fit.

A spokesperson for Go Industries commented on the release, stating, “Our dedication to delivering quality and functional products is showcased in our new heavy-duty headache rack. Our approach to product development is driven by a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. We are thrilled to offer a solution that not only safeguards valuable cargo but also facilitates convenient maintenance access without the need for drilling or cutting during the installation process.”

This expansion of Go Industries’ product range further affirms the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, building on its over forty years of experience.

For truck owners interested in upgrading their vehicle’s protection and practicality, additional information about the heavy-duty headache rack, alongside other truck accessories, is accessible on their website. The website also offers a wealth of resources, including product catalogs, installation guides, and warranty details.