The Tough Headache Rack for Your Truck

Headache Racks by Go Industries

While some people fit headache racks because they look good, their primary purpose is to stop items from sliding into the rear window. While Go Industries’ racks look great, they’re also extra heavy duty to ensure they do the job they’re meant to do.

About Go Industries

First established in 1978, Go Industries is now one of the most well-established producers of pickup truck accessories in the US. The firm operates three fabrication facilities in Clifton and Richardson, Texas, with a 63,000 sq ft warehouse also located in Richardson.

“I recently ordered one of Go Industries’ headache racks for my work truck, and I had a tracking number the very same day,” one client recently stated. “I installed it last weekend, and it looks great. I’m now planning to order one of their ranchers as well.”

For heavy duty headache racks from one of American’s most trusted truck accessory producers, order from Go Industries.