Why You Need A Headache Rack for Your Truck

All Trucks Should Have Headache Racks

Why You Need A Headache Rack for Your Truck 1

Go Industries Inc., esteemed for its innovation in truck accessories, law enforcement gear, and bespoke manufacturing, is thrilled to unveil its newest offering: heavy duty headache racks for trucks. This latest addition is designed to amplify trucks’ functionality and safety, marking yet another step in Go Industries’ commitment to providing high-quality, practical solutions for truck owners. Operating out of Richardson, Texas, since 1978, the company has consistently led the way in crafting durable automotive accessories that stand the test of time and utility. The launch of the heavy duty headache racks further cements Go Industries’ reputation for versatility and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Heavy Duty Headache Rack

Characterized by their sturdy build, the heavy duty headache racks boast a 6″ x 2″ steel top tube, flanked by 2″ x 2″ bottom and vertical tubes, all anchored by a 24″ x 3″ heavy-duty foot for unparalleled strength. Engineered to shield the truck’s rear window from potential damage by ensuring cargo remains in the bed, these racks feature large 3/16″ louvers to protect the glass while still maintaining visibility. Customers can choose between a white or black powder coat finish, offering not only practical benefits but also an aesthetic enhancement to their vehicle. Additionally, these racks are fitted with LED red and clear lights, with an optional third brake light, for increased safety during night drives. Proudly made in the USA, every rack comes with a three-year warranty for materials and workmanship and a six-month warranty on the finish, illustrating Go Industries’ confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

These heavy duty headache racks are engineered for a hassle-free installation process, requiring no cutting or drilling, thus making them easy to mount. They are also crafted with the tilt body in mind, allowing for effortless hood access without the necessity of removing the rack, thereby providing truck owners with both enhanced protection and convenience.